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August, 2017


       2018 STSR Referee Academy Program
Taking Applications Now

CLOSED 9/8/2017


Applications are now being accepted for STSR’s 2018 Referee Academy Program.  This program includes a State Academy and a National Academy with an overall goal of developing the next group of State and National referees in order to:

1.       Meet the growing demand from high-level amateur and professional matches

2.       Improve the overall quality of officiating in STX by “sharing best practices” through the Academy referees, as they officiate games or mentor at their local leagues.

Details of this program, including the selection criteria and Referee commitment can be found by clicking here.

Application:  2018 Academy

1.       All Grade 7+  (in 2018) and higher referees are invited to apply to either the State or
 the National Academy

2.       Applications must be mailed to by September 4.  Decisions will be
made by October 1

3.       Applications must include:

a.       Your refereeing Goals and why you want to participate in the Academy (limit 200 words)

b.       Experience and Accomplishments - USSF, NHFS, NISOA

c.        Any other information that you consider useful – including a list of references

4.       A candidate may be admitted into the Academy on a “provisional basis” without a completed fitness test – but will be required to complete this test by Dec 31, 2017

5.       A Grade 7 candidate may be admitted into the Academy on a “provisional basis” - but will be required to complete their Grade 7+ upgrade requirements by Dec 31, 2017.

Deepak Lumba
Director of STSR Referee Academy



Updated 8-12-2017


June, 2017

       STSR Night with the Houston Dynamo !

Houston Dynamo has invited the members of South Texas Soccer Referees to the July 29th match against the Portland Timbers in Houston with promotional discount tickets.

The attendees are, as well, extended an invitation to an after-the-game Q&A with the match officials.  Pretty exciting for the STSR referees to interact with the MLS Referee crew  up-close and personal.

Click here for more information about ordering your tickets.

Updated 6-13-2017

May, 2017



       2017 Scholarship Award

STSR announces the Referee Scholarship program for 2017.

Applications MUST be received by Email or postmarked by June 9th, 2017 to be considered.

STSR will award two scholarships in the Summer of 2017, to seniors graduating in the spring of 2017. Scholarships are one-time only awards. (scholarship recipients may not reapply for future years) Click here for full scholarship program description.

Scholarship will be merit based, not need based. (no family financial information will be collected)

Each scholarship will be $1500.

Scholarships may be used for 2 or 4 year programs. Scholarship recipients agree to provide
STSR with proof of enrollment (copy of tuition/fee bill or letter on school letterhead from Registrar’s office). Checks will be provided to scholarship recipients upon documentation.

The scholarship application may be downloaded here.  It can be viewed here.

Updated 5-9-2017




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