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How do I become a referee?

How much does it cost to become a referee?

The Entry Referee - Grade 8

Purchasing the Referee Uniform

Once I pass the clinic and register, how do I get games?

I would like to Register as a Grade 8 Referee and select a clinic.

How do I become a referee?
Some important points:

  • While some previous playing, coaching or officiating experience is always helpful, no experience is required to become a soccer referee.
  • There are no age requirements for the entry level Grades. There are age restrictions for advanced grades.

To become a certified referee, there are a few easy steps everyone must go through:

  • You must attend a mandatory classroom training session. These "Grade 8 Entry Level Clinics" are offered in many locations around the state each year, most often during August-October and again January - March.
  • A clinic fee is charged for taking the clinic. It is $30.00 . At the same time a USSF Registration fee of $50.00 is also charged. This is done online at the time a clinic is reserved.
  • There are two types of Entry Grade 8 Clinics
    1. Hybrid Entry Clinic - After registering for the clinic, and paying the associated fees, an Online lessons button will appear on the Home page, for online lessons to be completed. All of these lessons must be completed before the Lesson Cutoff date in order to attend the 8 hour In-Person portion of the clinic. Testing is done within the online lessons.
    2. Fully In-Person Entry Clinic - This is a full 16 hour (2 day) In-Person Entry Grade 8 clinic with no online lessons. A written test will be given in the class.
  • At the conclusion of the instructional class a badge will be given to the attendee.
  • Once you successfully completed the course you are registered through STSR with U.S. Soccer.
  • Once you are registered, contact your local assignors to get games. An Assignors and Soccer Associations directory
    can be found by signing into your STSR account and clicking on " Find Assignors For Games" in the I Want to ? section of the home page.
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How much does it cost to become a referee?
There are two types of fees (Clinic Fee and USSF/STSR) and the referee uniform cost.

Clinic Fee

The clinic fee is $30 for entry level clinics. You pay this fee when you register for a clinic.

Registration Fee(USSF & STSR)

The USSF/STSR yearly registration fee is:
Grade 8 Referee - $50.00
You pay this registration fee when you register for a clinic.
The USSF/STSR registration year is July 1st through June 30th.
The USSF Badge is good from January 1st through Dec 31st in the year stated on the badge.

Uniform Cost

Soccer Referee uniforms can be obtained from online referee supply stores or from your local soccer equipment store.
There is usually a referee "starter kit" that can be purchased which includes socks, shorts, shirt, whistle, flags, velcro patch and a game report book for about $60.
You should purchase this before you officiate your first game.

A good place to purchase the Uniform is through the web at

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Grade 8 - Referee

  • The Grade 8 Referee is a fully qualified soccer official who can act as a Referee, Assistant Referee or 4th Official on YOUTH GAMES of all sizes and ages.
  • They will usually start with the younger age groups and advance based on experience and skill. This advancement is normally accompanied by advancement in grade as well.
  • There are no age restrictions to attend this class however we recommend at least an age of 12.

About the Grade 8 Clinic

  • There are two types of Entry Grade 8  Referee clinics. One type is a full 16-hour in-person clinic. It is usually offered as either a weekend course (Saturday and Sunday) or weekday courses (3-5 weekday nights) or a combination (Friday night, Saturday, Sunday afternoon).  The second type is a Hybrid clinic, where online lessons must be taken and completed before attending the 8 hour in-person portion of the clinic.The in-person portion of this clinic is usually offered on a Saturday or Sunday, or several weekday nights. 
  • The clinic is designed to train referees in the skills necessary for managing and conducting all youth level matches. Candidates are required to attend all sessions to be eligible to take the written examination; if a session is missed at one clinic, it may be taken at another clinic.
  • Normally, several different instructors will teach during the clinic. The course is comprehensive, and covers everything from the size of the ball to who calls the coin toss before overtime. Besides just covering the Laws of the Game, the course also covers the history of soccer and refereeing, the structure of organized (FIFA) soccer, why the Laws were made in the first place, and how the referee should apply and enforce the Laws.

Cost Factors - Grade 8

Referee Registration fee

$ 50.00

Clinic Fee

$ 30.00

TOTAL Expense*

$ 80.00

*Uniform costs are not included in these figures.

 Register and select a Entry Grade 8  Referee Clinic to attend.

You will be requested to enter your personal information, or verify your Personal Information. Then you will see a Clinic Reservation page. You will need to scan down the left side and find the "click here" to continue registration and click on it, if no clinics are listed. You will then need to select Referee Grade 8. Press Submit, then click on "Reserve" to reserve the clinic. Then proceed to the "Checkout" section on the right to pay the fees. Do not attempt to checkout before you have reserved a clinic. You are not registered in the clinic until the fees are paid.

Click here to register and select a clinic for Grade 8.

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How do I purchase a uniform and when do I need one ?

Uniforms or full referee starter kits can be purchased from Official Sports International on the web.  If you find what you need, contact them by phone and tell them you are a member of STSR and they will provide a discount.  The official US Soccer uniform  can be found here.  The starter kits range in price from $38-61 and come in Men's and Women's versions.  The primary color of the uniform is Gold. The priority order for colors in South Texas after that are : Green, Blue, Red and Black.  In addition to the starter kit, you will need predominately black turf or tennis shoes.

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Once I pass the clinic and register, how do I get games?

Congratulations on becoming a referee! Now you want to start doing games. Here's a few steps that will help you get scheduled for a game:

  • Contact the referee coordinator for your soccer club or league.
  • Contact an assignor in your area to let them know your schedule and availability. An Assignors and Soccer Associations directory
    can be found by signing into your STSR account and clicking on "Find Assignors for Games" in the "I want to ? " section at the top of your home page.
  • If you cannot find an association or assignor in your area, contact the district Directors for your area who can be found here to  assist you in contacting local area assignors.